What Is Extruded aluminum Patio Furniture?

What Is Extruded aluminum Patio Furniture?

BY : G Ryma

Most patio furniture are built with aluminum frames. The frames are extruded aluminum tubes in different shape and sizes reinforced with internal supporting walls creating very solid and structurally tough, resilient frames to last.

Most hollow aluminum tubes go through a process called extrusion. Very simply, this means that a piece of metal is forced through a machine that shapes it into a hollow, round or square shape.

There are several things to consider when looking for a good quality extruded aluminum.


Extruded aluminum Patio furniture.

Extrusion is a method of shaping material, such as aluminum, by forcing it to flow through a shaped opening in a die. Shaped material emerges as a long piece - tube or other shape consisted with the profile of a die.

Characteristics of an Extruded aluminum is its uniformed smooth perfect looking surface and can be produced in very complex and precise shape. It can be cut, welded, bend and processed for further production.


Benefits of extruded aluminum used in patio furniture:

  • Lightweight: Aluminum is about 1/3 of the weight of the sand cast aluminum or die cast aluminum making aluminum extrusions easier to handle.
  • Strong: Aluminum extrusions can be made as strong as needed for most applications and, due to the nature of the extrusion process, the strength can be concentrated where it is really needed by including varying wall thicknesses and internal reinforcement in the profile design. Cold-weather applications are particularly well served by extrusions, as aluminum becomes stronger as temperatures fall. 
  • High in strength-to-weight material: Aluminum extrusions' unique combination of high strength and low weight makes them ideal for patio furniture.
  • Resilient: Aluminum combines strength with flexibility, and can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact, leading to the use of extruded components in automotive crash management systems.
    Corrosion resistant: Aluminum extrusions offer excellent corrosion resistance. They do not rust, and the aluminum surface is protected by its own naturally occurring oxide. A protection that can be enhanced by powder paint coating.
  • Reflective: Surface can be polished or brushed producing reflective or mated components, making aluminum extrusion eye-catching.
  • Sustainable: Aluminum can be recycled and reused infinitely with no degradation in properties.